The Story of Light Faden  
  Light Faden was a child with great force and power. When he grew up he had less games to play, because his parents were poor. He gets no apprenticeship and his future gets more and more darkness. A change came over Light Faden when he thought about his situation. He was no longer convinced in the system. He changed his name into Light Dark Faden because he thought that this must be the dark side of the system. A side in which the lightness could be dangerous. But the system developed an anti strategy to Light Dark Faden and persecuted him. He changed his name again into Dark Faden because he thought the light in the system is out know. At the end he becomes Dark Vader and died in a great war. His nationality was not german.  

Leit Faden

(sorry about non-conformances in grammer)



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22. Juni 2005